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Editorial Design

DRIFT Magazine

A magazine that provides a backpackers’ perspective on travel. Through a series of engaging stories, it gives readers the stories they want while allowing them to be a part of the journey.
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Package Design

Kikkoman Soysauce

A packaging redesign and rebrand of the Kikkoman soy sauce. Aiming to improve the visual quality and creating a system that can extend to a range of products while keeping existing brand equities.
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Neighbrs is an app that makes apartment life easier by connecting tenants with their neighbours, landlords and amenities.
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Product Design


SOUS is a smart knife kit and accompanying app for the purpose of teaching knife techniques. The app includes a library of tutorials for different cutting techniques for a wide range of ingredients.
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Art Direction


An expressive typographic poster made with custom lettering illustrating the word “Passion” inspired by the thought of overflowing with emotion and feeling.
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